Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest Application and OS of them all

The Computer Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) website provides yearly summaries of application and operating systems vulnerabilities. Having a vulnerability is not the same as it actually being exploited, but the figures provide a useful, if somewhat crude way, of identifying what needs protecting and how this compares to 2015. For anyone that doesn’t want to read much further the… Read More

How to survive being number 1

A report has the UK as being number 1. Which you would think is a good thing, but not when it is the number 1 target for spear phishing attacks by cyber criminals. Watch our video for more details.

Apple devices can be infected by malware

Each week I am told by people using Apple products that they have no need to worry about malware, viruses or the security of their information. That is one of the reasons why they bought an Apple product. Unfortunately, life isn’t that simple, and some steps are required to protect themselves. OK, prove it! When asked… Read More

Public WiFi good practice

Keeping up-to-date with emails and social media is an essential part of running a business. When there is no access from our phones, or a faster connection is needed, we switch to WiFi. In many cases, this will be a public WiFi network rather than a private one. Once you are connected the risks of… Read More

The man, the cloud and the social rat

After a recent talk I gave on Information Security one of the attendees thanked me for explaining what it meant and then asked for more information about some of the attacks. So here are explanations about some of the attacks used in the talk, and a few more that I will be talking about in the… Read More

Avoid sites with these domains?

There are now more than 1000 Top Level Domains (TLDs), originally there were about 100. Each TLD is under the control of an organization that pays Internet Corporation For Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) for the rights to do this. Some TLDs appear to have fewer checks on who that allow to purchase domains and… Read More

Malware is the biggest cyber threat to the UK

The latest CERT UK Annual report has malware as the biggest threat, with 30% of incidents with being malware related. Three types were responsible for the majority of incidents: conficker zeroaccess zeus Patches or mitigation advice has been issued to address them, the conflicker patch was actually issued more than five years ago. This is… Read More