Information Security Training

We provide bespoke training to raise the awareness of Information and Cyber Security issues and how to protect against attacks that can result in a security breach.

Training for Senior Management

The aim of this training is to allow Senior Management to see the business critical issues, how to mitigate risks and the level of investment required proportionate to risks faced by the business. Areas covered include:

  • Information and Cyber Security in business terms (getting past the jargon)
  • Impact of a security breach on the bottom line
  • Information Governance
  • Assets and Risks
  • Policies
  • Standards and Certification
  • Supply Chain
  • Legal, Data Privacy and Regulations
  • Opportunities to use improved security to generate new business

Follow-up training sessions can be provided to keep management updated on changing threats.

Training for Staff

Data breach surveys highlight the ‘human factor’ as a major issue. You can have all the standards, policies and controls in place to protect information, but if staff are not aware of what they need to do breaches will occur.  Areas covered include:

  • Where is information stored
  • Threats to information
  • The approach to keeping information secure
  • Your responsibilities and what is acceptable
  • Where to go to find out more information
  • How to report issues and ideas

Follow-up training sessions can be provided to keep staff updated on changing threats.

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