Information is a valuable business asset that needs protecting. The confidentiality, availability and integrity of information assets and intellectual property is vital for long-term success. Regulatory compliance has an increasingly important role to play, and effective online/cyber and physical security – collectively referred to as Information Security – is critical to regulatory compliance.

Many people switch between the terms Cyber Security and Information Security, but they are different. Cyber security is a subset of Information security. It covers security measures for networks, computers, mobile devices, email and anything else related to IT. It does not cover aspects such as physical security of buildings, exposing sensitive information in public places, paper records and dealing with social engineering threats, ie. the ‘human factor’.

What is Information and Cyber Security? The business issues – getting past the jargon   Training services Information and Cyber Security Certification

Information and Cyber Security for SMEs

Information Security for SMEs

Information and Cyber Security Healthcheck

Information Security Healthcheck

Acting as your Virtual Information Security Officer

Virtual Information Security Officer


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