Understand and manage information security risks by identifying all the information you have, held electronically and on paper, and the processes and physical access controls that are in place to protect it.

Prepare for certification to ISO27001; the International standard for Information Security. This includes writing common sense, easy to understand, policies and procedures on all aspects of security. Having this certification will satisfy clients and potential clients that you take security seriously, and make it much easier to answer questions from procurement teams about security measures.

Meet the GDPR and Data Protection Act 2018 requirements; stripping away the fear and myths to explain what is required to meet requirements. An important point is that this is an ongoing process and we can help you embed good data protection practices into the culture and put in place measures to ensure you meet the Accountability principle of the GDPR. And we can talk to you about Marketing (PECR) as well.

Give training to staff in how to be secure and protect business data and their own data.

Run desktop tests to check that Business Continuity and Incident Management plans will work. You don’t want to find that a plan isn’t going to work at the point you need to use it.

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