Information Security Healthcheck

2.5m reported cybercrime offences in the UK  74% of SMEs had an information security breach  38% increase in detected security incidents 30% of incidents caused by current employees

Threats to obtain your client details, business strategy, financial details, intellectual property, passwords and employee information are increasing. From criminals looking to seize commercial advantage and intellectual property, to opportunistic attacks that leak or destroy data, or give misleading information on hacked social media accounts or websites. The wide range of threats means Information Security can no longer be treated as an IT issue. Just looking at IT solutions will not address issues such as a lack of employee awareness on securing information in public places, when working remotely and disposing of confidential information on paper.

If there is a security breach, you will incur unplanned costs. They include lost intellectual property, for recovering data, downtime due to infrastructure failures and damages to reputation and brand. For a serious breach at an SME, they are typically more than £25,000.

To first step to reduce the likelihood of a breach and protect your reputation is having an Information and Cyber Security Healthcheck. This provides senior management with details of risks that pose the highest threats, defences already in place, recommendations to address gaps and the steps to implement them. The Healthcheck is performed by an experienced Information Security professional with ISO27001:2013 Information Security Lead Auditor certification.

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