WADIFF Consulting help Ditto AI get ISO27001 certification

Ditto AI - ISO27001 certification

Ditto AI Limited is an Explainable AI (XAI) company, that serves regulated, safety critical sectors that require accountability and transparency in their AI solutions. The security and integrity of information is seen as critically important to their business. With a target market of regulated industries, getting the ISO27001 certification made perfect sense both technically and commercially.

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The challenge

To build on existing good practices to introduce a comprehensive and effective Information Security Management System and not impose unnecessary overheads including costs on the agile way of working, using a cloud-based infrastructure, in their different offices.

Rick Turner, CEO says “the whole process was extremely positive for Ditto and what has been put in place as part of the ISO27001 project has helped the business mature from a ‘start-up’ mentality, to one which will help the business continue to grow through ‘scale-up’ mode and beyond”.

Ian Armitage, Head of Software says “WADIFF Consulting developed a deep understanding of the business from day one and helped develop an Information Security Management System that worked from both an ISO27001 and cultural perspective”

The result

Ditto has an Information Security Management System that provides management with visibility of all types of security threats and the effectiveness of information security measures. Documentation is provided in policies and wikis that are available to all staff, this complements the ongoing training programme. Operational tasks to ensure the right things are done at the right time have been implemented into business-as-usual working practices.