Helping Ditto AI get ISO27001 certification

Ditto AI Limited is an Explainable AI (XAI) company, that serves regulated, safety critical sectors that require accountability and transparency in their AI solutions.

The security and integrity of information is seen as critically important to their business. With a target market of regulated industries, getting the ISO27001 certification made perfect sense both technically and commercially.

“WADIFF Consulting developed a deep understanding of the business from day one and helped develop an Information Security Management System that worked from both an ISO27001 and cultural perspective”
Ian Armitage, Head of Software Development

Helping St Giles Trust get ISO27001 certification

St Giles Trust - ISO27001 certification

The Trust is a charity that helps ex-offenders and disadvantaged people to move their lives forward.  Security requirements to obtain funding and expectations of partners meant ISO27001 certification to cover their six offices was becoming a ‘must have’ for the Trust.

“Having someone onsite that can answer questions and work through issues made a huge difference. Relying on remote support can only get you so far”
Malcolm Walker, Deputy Chief Executive