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WADIFF Consulting helps SMEs improve their Information and Cyber Security, get ISO27001 certification and meet Data Protection/GDPR requirements. We are backed up by a wider team of experienced professionals that provide specialist security and process related services to all types of businesses.

With more than 25 years experience in IT and technical areas, and holding board level posts for ensuring effective security and data compliance measures are in place, there is the background and real-world experience to help your company address all types of security risks to reduce the likelihood of a security breach that incurs financial losses and reputational damage, and could put you out of business.

► Stripping away the fear and myths to explain what is required to meet the GDPR and Data Protection Act 2018 requirements – an important point is that this is an ongoing process for companies. And we can talk to you about Marketing (PECR) as well.

► Interested in ISO27001 certification, but not sure what it means – we can explain what needs to be done (Cyber Essentials might be a better answer – we can help with that as well). We have a track record in helping companies get certification; from a two-man virtual company to an organisation with several offices across the UK.

► We can help test your Business Continuity and Incident Management procedures.

What we do
Help companies manage compliance requirements and security risks – cyber, electronic and paper records, people, process, data protection legislation, physical access and business continuity – in a way that delivers tangible business benefits and avoids issues that lead to financial loss and reputational damage.

Business Sectors
We have experience with Charities, Cloud Service providers, Communications, Creative, Events, Financial Services, Health, Logistics, Manufacturing, Physical Security and Software Development.

Here are some of our Clients.  Read our Case Studies.

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