Navigating the ‘new normal’ – take opportunities, manage risks

Navigating the new normal- take opportunities, manage risks  WADIFF Consulting

COVID19 has meant changes to how we live and work. Organisations of all sizes must now adapt to the ‘new normal’ to survive and grow. Some changes will be positive – why didn’t we do this before! – while others will unfortunately have a negative impact. Organisations that think about what could be done in a rational way and have plans that can evolve and cope with future changes will be the winners and become leaders in their sector.

Seeking out opportunities and identifying risk to be managed can be done by looking at what could be possible (blue sky thinking + ideas whose time had never quite arrived before) and taking a realistic look at potential obstacles. Areas to consider include:

  • Clients – changes in the target market, USP
  • People – number, location and meeting statutory requirements
  • Communications – when, what, how
  • Technology – onsite vs in the cloud, resilience, security
  • Premises – location, size, security, meeting distancing and other requirements
  • Processes – line management, scheduling, task tracking, HR (including support for remote workers that may feel isolated), having to go back to a lockdown for a limited time
  • Supply Chain – new requirements, which could fail/alternatives
  • Legal – health screening, framework with the EU from January 2021

We can help by running workshops and doing interviews with key staff and suppliers – MS Teams is an effective way of doing this – and evaluating the results in terms of probability, impact, costs to implement and/or treat risks and a plan to make and monitor changes.

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