WADIFF Consulting help Clear Review get ISO27001 certification

ISO27001 Case Study Clear Review SME HR software development

Clear Review provides a platform to help companies drive employee performance improvement and provide measurements that companies require to make business decisions. Clear Review already had Cyber Essential plus, getting ISO27001 certification was the next step to ensure there is a robust security framework covering all areas of the company; from onboarding clients and their data, through development and hosting of the platform and work done by the customer success team. One of the drivers was reducing the effort required to respond to questionnaires from procurement teams by referencing how ISO27001 requirements are met.

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Where WADIFF Consulting make a difference

  • Practical knowledge of implementing and running ISO27001 for SMEs
  • A focus on doing ‘what is needed’ to meet business and ISO27001 requirement, not producing policies and documents that add little value to a business
  • Producing a comprehensive, but understandable, risk assessment
  • Performing internal audits that get to the root cause of issues and identify practical ways to address any weaknesses that are found
  • Ongoing support so you get real business benefits from ISO27001