More companies offering solutions to help meet Data Protection requirements

More companies offering solutions to help meet Data Protection requirementsWith the GDPR, the CCPA and other requirements coming into force, companies need tools to help them meet requirements in areas such as identifying and mapping personal data, keeping it secure, managing consent, dealing with requests from data subjects exercising their rights and with incidents. The number of companies offering solutions has increased by over 300% in four years.

The International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) has published an annual Privacy Tech Vendor Report since 2017.  The report has grown from 69 pages in 2017 to 202 pages in 2020 with the number of companies listed increasing from 99 to 304. The number of companies providing solutions is shown in the table below.

Year Number of companies % increase from previous year
2017 99
2018 182 83%
2019 259 42%
2020 304 17%

89 of the original 99 companies have been in every report. In 2020 the category with the most companies is Data Mapping (140), the category with the least is Website Scanning (37).

To select the right solution to meet the needs of a company a methodology such as MoSCoW can be used. Identify your requirements as:

  • Must have (M)
  • Should have (S)
  • Could have (C)
  • Would be nice to have (W )

Evaluate solutions against these, agree a shortlist and then trial the shortlist to see which is most effective and also fits within the available budget and/or delivers the expected ROI.

Get in in touch if you need assistance in identifying criteria for selecting a solution or in evaluating which one is right for your needs.

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Analysis methodology

Reviewed the Contents pages from the IAPP reports. No check were done to identify companies that had changed their names or merged/been taken over by another company.

2017 IAPP Tech Vendor Report

2018 IAPP Tech Vendor Report

2019 IAPP Tech Vendor Report

2020 IAPP Tech Vendor Report