Anyone talking about GDPR should include this slide! #ourGDPRstatus

Our GDPR Status

It isn’t hard to find an event at the moment that is specifically about GDPR or includes sessions to cover different aspects of it. With so many companies talking about it and promoting products and services to help prepare for May 2018, you would think/hope they would be the ones that are well on their way to being ready. But I am not sure that is the case. I must admit that I haven’t raised the issue in Q&A sessions, but when I ask individuals who have spoken about how their companies are preparing the answers are usually very vague.

Part of GDPR is about transparency, so I say that anyone that talks about GDPR – include WADIFF Consulting – should include one slide that shows their status. #ourGPDRstatus

To keep it simple let’s concentrate on data mapping and the Principles. When I give talks and presentation to clients, I will use:


The slide will be updated each month. It isn’t meant to be a 100% accurate representation of progress, but as an indicator to show what has been done and what still needs to be done. If you have a better idea of what to track or how to show progress, or want a copy of this PowerPoint slide, please get in touch.

Walk the walk, Talk the talk, State your status


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