Perception vs Reality of cyber crime

Perception vs Reality of Cyber Crime

Would you consider your house as secure if it had been broken into in the past year, and the police had not caught the gang that was breaking into most of the other houses on your street? Probably not.

Compare this to businesses and cyber crime. A recent report indicates there is a disconnect between the reality of attacks and data breaches, and companies saying they are secure.

74% of companies feel that they are currently secure when it comes to digital threats.

But 50% of respondents reported that they had been the victim of a cyber attack. Two-thirds happened within the past year.

29% of the attacks resulted in a data breach.

Over 80% of founders, C-level executives, board members & directors believe they are doing enough to mitigate the impact of cyber attacks, but less than 60% think they have the right policies in place to be secure.

And SME’s are not immune to attacks as they are ‘too small’.


27% believed that they were secure because they were ‘too small’ to be of
interest to cyber attackers.

56% felt they were secure because they ‘have the right policies in place’.

But these beliefs have little basis in reality, with 59% of those expressing the former view and 53% of those expressing the latter having already experienced attacks.

On average, a data breach costs over 19% of an SME’s revenue.

The report goes on to say that attacks on businesses have been increasing exponentially for the last 4 years, with over a third of reported attacks happening in the past 6 months.

But you can make your company more secure

Change your view from  ‘Are we safe?’ to ask ‘what risks are being taken and how they can be minimised?’.

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