Do you suffer from Business Incontinuity?

Do you suffer from Business Incontinuity?

A business doctor writes “on a regular basis I am asked to treat companies that have suffered from the silent SME killer – Business Incontinuity. The symptoms of this problem are often missed, and it is only when something happens that requires the Business Continuity Plan to be put into action that the problems emerge. There may be no clear chain of command, the expected response from the IT team does not happen, backups don’t have the expected data and staff and clients are not sure what is happening. In many cases, this results in lost clients and a downturn in revenue that leads to the company closing”.

The treatment of Business Incontinuity isn’t difficult. Get your Business Continuity plan reviewed and tested by us. If you haven’t got a plan, we will help you create and test it.

Don’t become a victim of the silent SME killer

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