The outlook is Cloudy with possible spells of data protection issues

The outlook is Cloudy with possible spells of data protection issues

This isn’t a blog about the weather, but some people may be in for a stormy time if they use apps or services that don’t have good data protection measures in place. The majority of us now use ‘the Cloud’ to provide services or store data. The main players seem to have good data protection policies in place. I freely admit that I check them before signing up for a service or using an app, but I could be in a minority.

Recently, people have been telling me about apps – that store data in the cloud – and will supposedly make my business life simpler. On the plus side, they usually allow you to export data you have entered or scanned. On the negative side, I have not found many with a high level of data protection. Some are quite explicit about passing on your details to other companies in the same group or passing on details about you or the data you upload if it is in the ‘best interests’ of the company.  Or they hold data in countries that are not known for taking data protection seriously.

So am I going to start using apps that could save me a little bit of time but end up with details about clients being passed on and causing data protection issues? No, I am not. I will continue to check data protection policies before I sign up and I recommend others do the same.

PS And if you do use apps, make sure you export data and back it up on a regular basis