The Human factor is still the biggest risk

Cyber Security Survey 2016

I was privileged to be at the launch of the Cyber Security Survey 2016. The event was very interesting, with excellent speakers from PGI Cyber Security, the Institute of Information Security Professionals and the Home Office. For me, the key points from the survey are:

  • 45% of cyber security professionals believe their boards have a major gap in their understanding of cyber risk, or simply don’t understand the risk at all
  • 73% of security incidents come from phishing/social engineering – the ‘Human factor’ is still the biggest risk to a business
  • 25% of companies test their incident response process less than once a year
  • The top three factors holding back the cyber security strategy were: budget, a security aware culture and understanding of the real threat

WADIFF Consulting can help companies with Information and Cyber Security. This includes cultural changes to improve the understanding of risks and threats at all levels and performing tests of incident management and business continuity plans. Contact us for more details.