Will the publishing of UK cyber crime statistics be the wake-up call to take action?

  • 2.5 million reported incidents of cyber crime
  • £16 billion losses from cyber crime
  • Credit card details selling for as little as $5

The Office of National Statistics is now including cyber crime in crime statistics.  The crimes are those falling under the Computer Misuse Act. The largest number are due to devices infected by a virus. Hacking of email or social media accounts is a smaller, but still significant value.  The actual number of cyber crimes is likely to be higher as many crimes are not reported.

Annual losses from cyber crime could exceed £16 billion, making up a significant proportion of what the UK loses from organised crime. For criminals, the rewards for selling details of a credit card could just be $5 on the dark web.

Now the statistics are available, will businesses start to make themselves more secure? It isn’t difficult to implement protection measures, but the issue has to be taken seriously by senior management and they need to champion changes to implement a ‘security mindset’.

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