Avoid sites with these domains?

There are now more than 1000 Top Level Domains (TLDs), originally there were about 100. Each TLD is under the control of an organization that pays Internet Corporation For Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) for the rights to do this. Some TLDs appear to have fewer checks on who that allow to purchase domains and contain more ‘shady sites’ than others.

A report from Blue Coat has a top 10 of TLDs with shady sites.  The defintion of a shady site is one used to deliver botnets, malware, potentially unwanted software, scams, spam or suspicious phishing.

The Web’s Top 10 TLDs with Shady Sites (Blue Coat)
Rank Top-Level Domain Name Percentage of Shady Sites
1  .zip  100.00%
2  .review 100.00%
3   .country  99.97%
4  .kim  99.74%
5   .cricket  99.57%
6  .science  99.35%
7   .work  98.20%
8  .party  98.07%
9  .gq (Equatorial Guinea)  97.68%
10  .link  96.98%
As of August 15, 2015 – Percentages are based on categorizations of web sites actually visited by 75 million users. A TLD having 100 percent shady sites correlates to sites categorized by Blue Coat.

Google owns the .zip TLD that is top of the list and challenged the report.  Blue Coat said it appeared at the top of its list because 100 percent of Web requests using that TLD do not go to a legitimate website, since there are not yet any domains ending in .zip. There has been no updates on the other domains in the list.

Companies should be wary of these TLDs, and may want to block them and see who tries to access them before removing blocks.

And the TLDs to trust? The details are in the report. The ones with the lowest number of shady sites are .mil, .jobs, .ck (Cook Islands), .church and .gov.