Are we closer to having devices that need charging less frequently?

For many people, each day involves a ritual recharging of their phone and other mobile devices. Recent news items brings us hope of less frequent charging with improvements to batteries and operating system changes.  Here is a selection of what the future could hold.

Apple iPhone
Optimising iOS 9 to run smoother and faster with lower power consumption, plus an additional low-power mode to add another three hours of iPhone battery life.
A battery that doesn’t need charging for seven days. This is currently a prototype.

Doze feature in Android marshmallow sends device into a sleep mode during periods of inactivity, reducing battery drain.

Pebble Time Steel watch
It’s thicker than the original Time, which gives it room for a bigger battery, and battery life of up to 10 days.

Apple Watch
I could find no news of a model with a longer battery life, but some people say that it lasts for more than the official line of ‘roughly 18 hours’.

If you want details of the possible future of batteries and charging check out the article by  Luke Edwards. Anyone for a urine battery?