New security features in iOS9

Along with longer battery life, updates to apps and the long awaited ability to work in 2 apps at the same time iOS9 has 2 features to improve security. The first is a longer passcode, up from 4 to 6 digits, and two-factor authentication when you sign in from a new browser or on a new device. iOS9 is currently available to developers; the rest of us should get it in September.

ZDnet have a list of what to check to make sure everything is locked down in iOS9

  • use a six-digit passcode
  • prevent apps from uploading your data
  • enable ‘Find My iPhone/iPad’ in case you lose the device
  • require a password with every app purchase
  • limit apps from tracking your location in the background
  • allow voice and video iMessages to expire over time
  • change your default Wi-Fi hotspot password
  • enable fingerprint security with Touch ID
  • prevent messages and emails from previewing on the lock screen
  • limit what you can access without a passcode
  • prevent iPhone location-based tracking
  • limit advertisers tracking your location
  • change your search setting to a do-not-track service
  • lower auto-lock to 30 seconds